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Disciples' Creed

I will do good deeds.

Jesus assured us that, due to our imperfection, we can do nothing good. This is because God's definition of good is perfection. Even so, Jesus instructed us to do many things. While we may not do them perfectly, we are to continually strive to do the deeds that reflect Christ's love for us.

I will have gospel conversations.

Jesus taught his disciples to love as he did.  How did he love them, you ask? He loved them with his words. They came to know the Father through Jesus' teaching the same way we do today. By delivering the message of the gospel, we too can love one another the way Jesus did. After all, we're disciples too!  Having these "gospel conversations" is an essential part of our growth as we seek God's will for our lives. Someone you know who is lost needs to hear your gospel conversation today!

I will never quit.

Following Christ isn't something we do periodically. We must be fully committed to this life-long calling to put God first, do good deeds, and have gospel conversations. Jesus gave his whole life for us so that we would do the same for him. We live by the Disciples' Creed every moment of every day, forever. Because that's how long true love for our Lord and Savior lasts.

I will put God first.

As humans, we all were made with natural desires. We desire love, connections with others, and we love to be creative. These are ways that we were made in God's image.  And God has His own desires that include you and I looking to Him first and foremost as the provider of all our needs.

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